Check out these simple ideas you can choose from to help you and your family get up and get involved!


Re-usable Bags
Utilize reusable bags for all of your shopping


Plant a tree, shrub or other plants 
This is certainly a popular way to celebrate Earth Day and one that beautifies your surroundings


Water Bottles
Use refillable bottles and a water filter for your water


Recycle, Re-use and Repurpose
Try to do one of these three actions with everything you touch and you'll reduce waste considerably




Turn off lights 
Use power strips for phone and other chargers, computers and other energy depleting appliances - the strip can be turned off and on easily



Use natural cleaners when possible from baking soda to vinegar and lemons
There are lots of great web sites with recipes on how to mix them correctly


Pay bills online
It saves time and money - no stamps, no checks, no hassle


Save water
Turn water off when brushing your teeth or during other grooming activities


Save gas
Plan your trips and errands efficiently


Storing food
When saving food items, place them in reusable glass containers and avoid plastic

These 10 suggestions can easily be incorporated into everyday living so start today to form new habits.  Children often emulate their parents so let them get involved too. 

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