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Take a Minute on Memorial Day

by Leslie Edwards

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who died in service to our Country so that we can continue to be free. We live in the greatest nation in the world. 

Unlike Veterans Day which honors all the men and women who have served and those serving in our military now.

Enjoy this weekend with family and friends.

At 3 pm on Monday, in whichever time zone you are, please take one minute in silence to remember our fallen soldiers. Please watch and listen

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This is not what I signed up for....

by Leslie Edwards

Way back in Elementary School, my expectation was that I would go to college and study to be a therapist.  Some say that lots of crazy people go into the field to figure out what is going on with themselves. Hmmm...                        College came 5 years after High School (that's a whole other story) and it took me another 5 years to get a degree in Psychology while working full-time.          It was pretty exciting when I got my first job/internship with the Fulton County Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center.  I thought I was on my way to the career I had planned for since Elementary School.                                                       The reality of the situation was not at all what I expected.  The failure rate of addiction treatment was huge compared to a very small success rate. I found out quickly that the chance that I could actually help someone was minuscule.  All I could really do is listen, which left me seriously depressed.  If the patient cried, I often cried too.  I carried their pain home with me and it did not take me long to realize that the job was too hard on my own mental health.                  

In 1977 I got a real estate license on a lark.  Part time I closed a few transactions and soon, real estate was in my blood. I could actually help people get what they wanted and if they came back, it was a success, not a failure. At closing, everyone was happy. The buyers got a house, the seller got a check, agents, loan officers and attorneys all got paid a fair fee for their work. 

There is a "new normal" in real estate today and my job has changed so much that it now looks and feels more like my Therapist experience than my real estate experience of the first 30 years.

Today, buyers have to wait months to close a foreclosure or a short sale, both of which dominate the current real estate market.  Sellers who have to move, because of the foreclosures and short sales in their neighborhoods, are bringing money to closing or negotiating a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure with their mortgage companies, which has a huge negative effect on their credit ratings.  The fees for real estate agents, loan officers and attorneys have steadily decreased while expenses and the work involved have more than doubled.  So rarely at closings today, is everyone happy.  Often nobody is happy.   Listing appointments today consist of telling sellers their homes are not worth what they paid and finding out if they are behind on their mortgage payments and if so, how much.                                                                 It often feels like I am in my Psychologist mode rather than in my Sales Person mode.  A lot has changed in the past few years. So many sellers are experiencing hardships that make it impossible to make the payments and are at risk of losing their homes.  When I listen to some of them tell me their stories, I still want to cry and I still take their pain home with me                                                         

It does not look like things are going to improve any time soon.  The news reports claim people are once again spending money so the economy must be recovering.  I don't think so.                                                                  Often, right after people have an accident or serious illness, they will drive more cautiously, quit smoking, eat right and exercise.  Human nature is such that, over time, these same people will start falling back into their old habits. 

           My sense is that those spending money are just reverting to old spending habits that got them into trouble in the first place.

Foreclosures are moving steadily up in the higher price ranges.  There are also many interest only loans that cannot be refinanced because the appraisals willl not support the loan amount they approved when the interest only loan was made.  Because we have had historically low interest rates, those loans have remained manageable for many.  Once the interest rate starts moving up, and it will, those interest only loans will start to adjust to higher interset rates and monthly payments, causing a whole new stream of foreclosures and short sales.

The job has changed. Because I have 32 years of experience in the real estate trenches, I can help some people fix their problems and that is some consolation. Some people can't be helped.  Sometimes it is their own fault but most often something bad has happened to cause them to lose their home.

If you know someone who needs help, have them call me. I will do a free consultation to find out what we can do for them.

I am ready for the business to return to the time when we all got to be happy at closing, but until then, I am trying to help everyone I can.

You cannot change the world one at a time but if you help one person, you can change their world.

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Dave Ramsey's Thoughts on The National Debt

by Leslie Edwards

As a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Real Estate Provider, I regularly receive interesting information from Dave.  One of the things I like about Dave Ramsey is that his message is clear and he presents a plan that anyone can follow regardelss of the amount of their debt.  Another thing I appreciate about Dave is that he makes no bones about his politics. 

If you need help with your finances, call Dave.  If you need help with real estate, call me.

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Dave's Thoughts on the National Debt

Dave's Thoughts on the National Debt The nation's debt now exceeds $13 trillion. Yes, $13 trillion. You know what you could do with just $1 trillion? You could pay the rent for every renter in the U.S. for three years or pay the monthly payments on all U.S. mortgages for 14 months. A $1 trillion stack of $1 bills would wrap around the equator 2.72 times!

And $1 trillion is just a fraction of the money the U.S. owes. Since Dave can't stand debt, including the national debt, he had some tough things to say as he discussed the issue recently on The Dave Ramsey Show. Listen to the clip here.

What Is National Debt?
The government uses debt to cover its expenses when it spends more than it makes from taxes or other revenue sources. There is no requirement that the country operate on a balanced budget, so, since the country was founded, the national debt has continued to grow.

In 2008, the national debt stood at $9 trillion—the total debt for the entire history of the U.S. In two years, we added $4 trillion to our debt, increasing it by almost 50%!

It is no different than one of us racking up credit card debt on groceries, then getting a car loan and a mortgage on top of that. All the money you make goes to keep up your payments. Not smart.

The Lines Are About To Cross
While $13 trillion of debt is overwhelming to think about, what's worse is the breakneck rate of spending. It only took six months to go from $12 trillion to $13 trillion!

Imagine the U.S. debt and revenue as two lines on a chart. The revenue line is pretty flat, if not declining, but the debt line is shooting straight up. The two lines are about to cross, and that means the country's debt will exceed its ability to pay the payments.

A Political Revolution
The majority of people in America want an environment that gives them a shot to make their own money, and they are not happy with the redistribution of wealth that is happening today. The ballooning debt is just one more reason for a political revolution—to fire the politicians who are doing the spending, regardless of their party.

That's why Dave doesn't buy in to the gloom and doom some political analysts believe. He talks with people all over the country who are angry about the direction the country is headed, and they are not willing to put up with it anymore.

Our debt problem has given our country the opportunity to come up with a solution. With such an impressive problem, the solution it inspires is bound to be great!

Health Care Smealth Care

by Leslie Edwards

Subject:  2011 W-2 Tax Forms--Surprise, surprise!

 Should you want to verify this, go to, enter "HR 3590" 
in the search box and look for "CRS Summaries."  This is what you'll find. 
Title IX Revenue Provisions—Subtitle A:  Revenue Offset 
"(Sec. 9002) Requires employers to include in the W-2 form of each employee 
the aggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored group health coverage 
that is excludable from the employee's gross income (excluding the value of 
contributions to flexible spending arrangements)." 

 Starting in 2011—next year—the W-2 tax form sent by your employer will be 
increased to show the value of whatever health insurance you are provided.   
It doesn't matter if you're retired. Your gross income WILL go up by the amount 
of insurance your employer paid for. So you’ll be required to pay taxes on a larger 
sum of money that you actually received.

Take the tax form you just finished for 2009 and see what $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 additional gross income does to your tax debt. That's what you'll pay next year. For many it puts you into a much higher bracket. This is how the government is going to buy insurance for fifteen (15) percent that don't have insurance and it's only part of the tax increases, but it's not really a "tax increase" as such, it a redefinition of your taxable income. 
Also, go to Kiplinger's and read about the thirteen (13) tax changes for 2010 that 
could affect you. 
Additionally, the current 2.9% Medicare tax goes up to 3.8% and in addition to applying to payroll taxes, now also applies to interest, dividends, incentives, & all other income types.
Remember, the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year...that places everyone in a higher tax bracket.

Yet another very good reason to vote in the primary and the November elections.  Vote out the tax and spend politicians, whether they are Democrat or Rebublican.  The only change in the direction this country is taking will be the result of our votes.  See you at the polls. leslie edwards

Where is the address?

by Leslie Edwards

Several times each week, I am going someplace I have not been before.  A GPS will only get me so far.  Then I have to scan for addresses to find the exact location, which is often harder than you would think.

 Businesses and residences should be required to post their addresses in clear view of the street. Searching for addresses while careening down busy streets is dangerous and all the slowing down to look irritates the drivers behind. Potential for road rage?  Perhaps.

I remember reading years ago that fire, police and rescue workers complained that in some multicultural areas there were no addresses and the business names were in foreign languages, which hindered their ability to get there quickly. Time can mean the difference between life and death.

In neighborhoods it is almost as bad.  It can be blocks before I see a posted address so I have to drive around until the numbering system makes sense to find the house I am looking for.

Besides being dangerous, it is a giant time waster.  When I list a property for sale, I make sure the address is easy to see. 

Please help me start a campaign for everyone to post their address.  Tell business and home owners and make sure your address is visable too.

I am working hard in this challenging market so call me if I can help you buy, sell, short sell or just to talk real estate.

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Leslie and Dave Ramsey

by Leslie Edwards

PhrasesThat Bug Me

by Leslie Edwards

 I love you to death.  I'm starving.  I'm freezing.  I died laughing.  I hate him. This is the worst day of my life.  This is the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. I am going to kill you.  It's a no brainer.  I'm like instead of I said. Fewer is a number and Less is an amount.  Less people instead of fewer people.

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Negative Energy

by Leslie Edwards

The weekend after Christmas I was walking to my car in the Target parking lot at Hwy 74 and Peachtree Parkway.  I watched as two cars directly behind eachother started to back up out of their parking spaces at the same time.  There was honking, but neither would move so the other could back out and leave. There was more honking and some waving and still, neither woold move.  I could not stop watching. I had to see which one would give up first.  Others stood around and like me, did not try to pretend they were not looking. Both drivers had to know they were attracting a crowd.  Still no one gave in.  It seemed like the standoff lastest for days, but it was probably minutes.  

It got me thinking about what kind of hostillity do you have to work up to get so invested in who gets to back out first?  Was something else going on in one or both of their lives that caused their reaction?  Perhaps. Or, is one or both of them basically an asshole?  The occasionally stressed out from life people I can understand and forgive.  The assholes are the people who start out being assholes instead of waiting to se if the situaton warranted such a strong reaction. The negative energy has to permeate thier lives and it's hard to imagine that it would be anyones' choice to feel that way.  Maybe someone needs better meds.  If you need it, take it.

So, always try nice first, and sometimes second, before moving on to assertive, aggressive hostile and violent.  My goal every day is to have a happy, stress free life, which is possible no matter what the circumstances.  It too, is a choice everyday.  I expect the best.  I get what I expect. leslie

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Allowed To Resign. Is It Fair?

by Leslie Edwards

Recently I heard of a person being “allowed to resign” and was wondering if that was fair to future potential employers.  Letting someone resign instead of firing them outright can be very misleading,  To end a job someone quits with no notice, resigns with notice, gets fired, laid off or is allowed to resign.  In this lawsuit and retribution happy climate, employers have to be careful if they want a poor performing employee to leave.  In addition to paying unemployment compensation, disgruntled employees can sue for any number of offenses, file complaints with EEOC, the Labor Department or hire a lawyer and sue. 

Before we were all afraid of repercussions, employers could call each other for references to help them make hiring decisions.  Now most employers will only verify the dates of employment

It’s too bad that employers can no longer say things like mentally unstable, psychotic, thief, liar, on drugs, drunk…..

The person who was recently “allowed to resign” had already been allowed to resign at least two other times.  Do you think the employer would have hired this person if they heard the truth from one or more previous employers?  Is it fair?  I know it increases labor costs because of a high rate of turnover of marginal employees.

If the real truth was known, that person wouldn’t be able to get a job anywhere.  What do you think?  Is it fair not to tell?


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Blast From The Past

by Leslie Edwards


Do you ever wonder what happened to someone you knew years ago?  Search Engines like Google, offer the possibility of finding a long lost friend or relative.  You can google the school bully from years past and find out if he is in prison or the most popular “jock” from high school to see if he ever made anything of himself. 

Recently, my daughter googled her father, who had been estranged for many years, and found his obituary.  She also learned she had a half brother she did not know existed.  They have been in contact getting to know each other since.

 It started me thinking of people I knew in the past, wondering how their lives turned out and what they were doing now, so I googled some of them.  It is harder to find old girlfriends as women tend to change their last names when they marry, and again when they remarry.  That is an outdated custom as people are often married more than once and it is just plain inconvenient to keep changing names.  Men are generally much easier to locate.

    Some of my friends were shocked that I would ever want to hear from or about an ex.  I have never understood how some people can hold on to anger and resentment for years. If I cared enough to  have a longtime friendship, a romantic relationship or to marry someone, then I will always care about them (some more than others) and wonder how they are. 

    My second husband from 1970 was easy to locate.  When I googled his name, I got lots of information, including email, phone number and street address. 

    He was glad to get my email and we have since been sharing memories of our time on Tenth and Peachtree Streets at the height of the hippie movement.  Without a doubt, that was the most interesting time of my life so far. 

    Either we were never real mad at each other or if we were, we have both forgotten. We have had some terrific strolls down memory lane talking about people and things I hadn’t thought about in over thirty years.

   Interestingly, he is, for the most part, the same kind and sensitive person he was in 1970.  He has dedicated his life to helping recovering addicts through Narcotics Anonymous.  He sponsors people during their recovery, speaks, writes and publishes books and has a worldwide network of friends he is in contact with regularly. I think he and I will be friends forever now.

   Is there someone in your life you wonder about?  Take a chance.  Google (free) the name or check out ($).  It can be fun and often enlightening.

Try it.  Google someone today.





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