In 2009 the profit from the lottery in Georgia was $872,000,000 for education. 

In 2008 $239,757,603 "surplus" was remitted to the office of the Treasury for the general fund.

Why are we laying off or furloughing teachers and discontinuing programs in schools if the lottery has a surplus? 

There  is something terribly wrong with the lottery system in Georgia.  When it was voted in, the promise was that all of the money would be used for education & lottery expenses.  We were assured that none would be put into the State's general fund.

In addition, the expenses of the lottery are HUGE.  Lottery officials continue to receive large cash bonuses every year and every year, the amounts are questioned.  Nothing changes.  Read the article and voice your opinion. 

Let's save teacher's jobs and programs that provide students with a broad range of experiences in school, like music and art.