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Is Any Press Good Press?

by Leslie Edwards

I saw Dar Thompson, owner of World Gym, in a Stein Mart, PTC, the other day and he mentioned seeing me in The Citizen FREE Speech section.  This is where anyone can write about anything or anyone anonymously. Mostly people say negative things about local politicians but, on June 25th, someone wanted to say something negative about me.  So, I went online and found this:

“Smart” car drivers may not be so smart. I saw a smart car being driven on Hwy. 54 this morning. The car had a local Realtor’s name painted all over it for advertising. The only problem was that the driver did not appear to be that smart. The driver was actually eating out of a bowl while driving through Peachtree City. Not sure that was such a smart idea.

It's hilarious and it's true.  I was eating, as I often do, on the way to the gym very early in the morning,  What I was not doing is swerving into the other lane, talking on my cell phone, attempting to apply  makeup or running over someone's dog or child.

The question is, Is All Press, Good Press?  It just like an election, the more people that know your name, the more likely you are to get elected. Since everywhere I go people stop and talk to me about the SMART car, I suspect lots of people know the writer meant me.  The goal is for people to think of me when they think about buying or selling real estate so, yes,  All Press, so far, is Good Press.

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Closed Captioning For The Hearing Impaired

by Leslie Edwards

Sometimes I mute the TV and listen through the surround sound only.  When muted, the closed captioning starts moving across the bottom of the screen.  I can hear the words and read them at the same time.  What I have noticed is that the words on the closed captioning are not what is being said on the TV.  I suspect the majority of  hearing impaired people using closed captioning have no idea what is going on in those TV programs.  The captioning will use entirely different words, miss entire sentences and will often stop before the ending.  Try It.

It would take a speed reader to be able to keep up with the rapidly scrolling words.  Although I am a pretty fast reader, I cannot keep up with the words running across the screen, especially if I am trying to actually watch the show at the same time.

I would love to hear from someone who uses closed captioning. 

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Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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