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Slow Death By Rubber Duck

by Leslie Edwards

Leslie Edwards For years, I have been preaching the dangers of chemicals, artificial hormones, aluminum, plastic, teflon, metals & dyes because I believe they are making people sick and killing them. There are more cancers, alzheimers and other diseases including all the newer immune deficiency diseases.I believe that the dramatic in...crease in childhood cancers, autism and other diseases is the result of changes in baby products. Glass and rubber nippled baby bottles have morphed into cheap plastic bottles that some mothers heat up in the mocrowave, plastic sippy cups, flame retardent, sythetic clothes that are full of chemicals, plastic diapers, plastic parts on cribs, processed foods, plastic toys from China,lead based paint, aluminum cans and cookware and the list goes on and on. It is frustrating that parents are not paying attention. The Book "Death By Rubber Duck" is a great resource. Read this review and sign the petition to get Congress more involved in the issue. one can do it all. If everyone does a little, we can change the world.

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Where Is All That Georgia Lottery Money?

by Leslie Edwards

In 2009 the profit from the lottery in Georgia was $872,000,000 for education. 

In 2008 $239,757,603 "surplus" was remitted to the office of the Treasury for the general fund.

Why are we laying off or furloughing teachers and discontinuing programs in schools if the lottery has a surplus? 

There  is something terribly wrong with the lottery system in Georgia.  When it was voted in, the promise was that all of the money would be used for education & lottery expenses.  We were assured that none would be put into the State's general fund.

In addition, the expenses of the lottery are HUGE.  Lottery officials continue to receive large cash bonuses every year and every year, the amounts are questioned.  Nothing changes.  Read the article and voice your opinion. 

Let's save teacher's jobs and programs that provide students with a broad range of experiences in school, like music and art.

PhrasesThat Bug Me

by Leslie Edwards

 I love you to death.  I'm starving.  I'm freezing.  I died laughing.  I hate him. This is the worst day of my life.  This is the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. I am going to kill you.  It's a no brainer.  I'm like instead of I said. Fewer is a number and Less is an amount.  Less people instead of fewer people.

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Why Do They Do That?

by Leslie Edwards

  A caller to Neal Bortz radio show once said he had every right to ride in the left lane as long as he was going the speed limit and he resented it when habitual speeders honked and demonstrated their anger at him.

My question is this. Do people drive slow in the left lane and hinder the flow of traffic because they are (A) Oblivious?  (B) Obnoxious?  (C)  On their cell phones?

What do you think?  Do you ride in the left lane, blocking cars that want to pass?  If you do, please stop it.  I have driven in places across the country and around the world and I may be wrong, but it feels like people right here in GA are among the worst offenders.  Retirement areas in Florida are probably worse, but it is still pretty bad here.

Slower moving traffic, keep to the right ! !

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