Worried about having the money to send your children to college?  Here's an idea that will help you insure that the money will be there when the time comes.

  As soon as you have a child, or as soon after as possible, buy a small rental house, not too far from your home.  When you rent it, the tenant pays the mortgage for you.  When there is good cash flow, you can fast track the mortgage payoff or make deposits into a 529 education account for the child.

  When it is time for college, you have an asset you can sell, refinance  or, if you have been able to payoff the mortgage, you can use the cash flow to pay college expenses.

Being a landlord is not always great, however, over the years I have helped several new investors become wealthy owning real estate. 

This idea is better than you refinancing your principal residence to get the money for college or saddling students with loans they be paying for years after graduation.

Because the market is oversupplied with homes for sale, prices have been driven down, creating some terrific opportunities for homeowners and investors.

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