About once every week or two, I like to apply conditioner to my hair and leave it in for hours, sometimes overnight.  In the summer, I put conditioner in my hair when I am spending time in the sun.   

Because I am on a constant quest to find new things to try, I found a great conditioner in the hair products section especially for black women.  The product is Organics Hair Mayonnaise by Africa's BEST.  It has herbs, olive oil, egg proteins and more and has been my favorite for three years. I have gifted jars of Hair Mayonnaise to friends with overprocessed or damaged hair who saw immediate improvement.  I am not a black woman and neither were the friends I gave it to, but this product works great for caucasion women too.  

It is always interesting what I can find if I take the time to look.  In order to see new things every time I go to the grocery store, I am usually there more than an hour, but I always come away with something new.  Another benefit to staying longer at the grocery is getting to talk to lots of people.  Some people dislike going to the grocery but I prefer to see it as a pleasure and to have a good time while I am there.

If you try Hair Mayonnaise, let me know how it works for you. I'll bet you know someone who could use it, don't you?  It is not expensive, so gift someone.

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