The news programs having been doing the daily countdown to election day for weeks.  With only 6 days until election day...... 

Last Friday I stood in line with many others for about 45 minutes to vote early in Fayetteville.  Almost half the number of people who voted last year in Georgia have already voted.  In Clayton and Gwinett Counties, the polls have been overrun with early voters.

What if early voters see a political ad between now and November 4th and decide they made a mistake and want to change their vote?  Can they get a do over?      

    Sometimes, We vote for people and sometimes, once they are in office, we can't remember why we voted for them in the first place.  Often the choice we make is merely the lesser of two evils.  Alot of people who think this election will dramatic change anything are going to be surprised nothing really changes.  The real estate market will improve and the stock market will recover, both of which would have happened regardless which party is in power.

And someone please tell Matt Towery that the fake tan looks freakish in high definition.

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