Comparing Fayette Home Sales 1st Quarter 2007 With 1st Quarter 2008

2007  306 Homes Sold and 312 Expired which is about 50-50

2008  261 Homes Sold and 301 Expired or 54% Expired 46% Sold

The number of Sold homes dropped by 15% from 2007 to 2008

2007  Average 1st Quarter Sold price was $325,835

2008  Average 1st Quarter Sold price dropped to $309,228

The difference between the average Sold price and average price of listings that Expired Unsold

2007  $382,393 Expired  $325,835 Sold  $56,558 Difference

2008  $396,614  Expired $309,228 Sold  $87,386 Difference

There are currently 1476 homes listed for sale on Georgia Multiple Listing Service in Fayette County.  The average price of homes for sale is $405,857.

What does this all mean?  The real estate market is own from last year.  While sold prices are still dropping, the list prices continue to increase along with the average number of days on the market.

Even in the worst real estate market, the best homes sell.  The best condition, location, features and of course, the best price.

In the first quarter of 2008 I sold 10 times the national average for real estate agent production.  I have sold real estate for 30 years, through other challenging market conditions and I know when the market comes back it is usually with a vengance.  It may not happen for awhile so if you have to sell, call or email me and let's discuss your personal situation.  If anyone can help you, I can. 

leslie edwards

30 years experience is not expensive

It's priceless