The California Supreme Court rule this week that same sex couples are entitled to marry.  While those in favor of the ruling are rejoicing across the country in hopes acceptance will spread across the country, some very vocal opponents to the ruling are making themselves heard on television, in papers, on the internet and on talk radio. 

This is a tricky subject for me to comment on but I really do have strong opinions about the subject.

As a product of the 60's, I have been blessed to know and appreciate people from all walks of life and I am often embarrassed by the way we Americans treat people who are different from us. The main thing I have learned over the years is that when you know someone personally, they stop being black, foreign, gay or whatever makes them different from me.  I stop seeing differences and see only the person. 

What I don't understand about the gay marriage issue is why do people care so much if a gay couple gets married?  It does not affect my life at all. 

I heard someone on a news program say that this ruling would destroy marriage as we know it.  The concept of marriage is already in shambles and it has nothing to do with gay people.  With over 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, marriage has become a tough sell for millions of people who decide not to ever marry and for divorced people who choose to never marry again. If gay people want to marry, I say let them.   

Marriage is an antiquated concept that sets people up to fail.  Two people make a lifetime committment "til death do us part" when the reality is that the chances of staying with one person for a lifetime get slimmer all the time. 

  If we could embrace the reality, people whose marriages end would not have to feel like failures. It would be more healthy and better for everyone involved if  they could appreciate the best parts of the relationship without the bitterness.  Hopefully we learn from every relationship to make us better fbetter people.

There are, of course, many hetrosexual couples who enjoy successful, lifelong marriages, but they are fewer than ever before.

There are legal and practical reasons for same sex couples to marry including being the next of kin in an emergency, health insurance, inheritance, adoption, etc.  There is also the desire to make a formal committment to each other in front of family and friends, to make a family, to have a big wedding.

Several of my gay couple friends have been together for over twenty years and are committed for life, which is more than I can say for most of my straight couple friends.  If marriage makes gay people feel more connected, I say why not?

The US is far behind much of the world in their level of acceptance for gays and minorities.  I think is long past time to be more accepting and inclusive of others who are different from us.

So, I go on record as in favor of gay couples being allowed to marry.  To all my gay guy couple friends, keep me in mind for the wedding party.  Bridesmaid?

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