The residential real estate in Henry County for the past TWELVE MONTHS.

 Status                          #                 Average Price        Ave Mkt Days     %

 For Sale Now            3856             $256,485                    144                              13.31 Supply

 Sold                             3476            $200,465                    106            44%          289.67 per month

 Expired Unsold          4431            $242,726                    185            56%

The market for the past SIX MONTHS

 Sold                             1460             $193,560                     109           36%          243.33 per month

Expired                          2581            $243,106                     186            64%

The market for the past THREE MONTHS

 Sold                               597               $193,741                     114           30%           199 sales per mo

 Expired                        1419               $236,536                      187          70%

Translation:  Based on the number of homes that sold over the past year in Henry County, we currently have a 13.31 month supply of single family homes for sale now.

The average number of homes sold per month has gone from a one year high of  289.67 per month to a 90 day low average of 199 sales per month

The percentage of homes sold dropped from 44% a year ago, to 36% over the past six months to just 30% in the past three months.

The average sales price has dropped 3% in the past 2 months 

When you look at these numbers, compare the average price of homes for sale, sold or expired.  The average price of the homes that do not sell are clearly higher than the average price of the homes that do sell and often the average price of the homes currently for sale is higher than the homes that sold and the homes that expired. 

These are the facts.  The good news is that In any market, the best properties sell.  You have to have the very best property or the very best price.

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