Several times a year, people I know contact me to "share a new business" that will add to my income.  I have watched other real estate agents get caught in the trap of trying to sell other products and services to add an additional stream of income.  I know agents who have sold Amway, Herbal Products, pots and pans, security systems, prepaid legal, accelerated mortgage payoff programs, makeup and more. Most of them are multi-level, meaning each participant has to recruit more participants to make money.

I decided years ago that I sell one product and one product only:  Real Estate  I believe it would be a disservice to my clients if I spent time trying to sell other products and recuiting others for my downline.  It would dilute my effectiveness as a real estate professional and I am not willing to do that.

The agents who get involved don't get rich from them and lose real estate production while working their "additional income streams".

Recently, two different friend/acquaintances wanted to meet with me to discuss their great new business ideas.  Interestingly, when I said no and told them why, they seemed to get offended which could be because of the pressure to recruit people.

I have never had any other since becoming a full time real estate agent 30 years ago.  I have successfully supported myself on my real estate income because that is the job I am focused on every day.

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