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Raise Your Credit Score

by Leslie Edwards

1. Pay your bills on time

2. If you have missed payments, get current and stay current.  The longer you pay on time the better your credit score

3. Even if you pay off a collection it will remain on your credit report for seven years. 

4. If you cannot make your payments, contact your creditors or see a credit counselor

5. Keep balances low on revolving credit

6. Maintain fewer open accounts

7. Don't close unused credit lines.  Closing accounts will not help your score

8. Don't open new lines of credit

The best credit score is between 760 to 850

General loan guidelines will consider scores in the low 600's and sometimes even in the high 500's with compensating factors.

If you need help finding a loan, call me.  I work with some great mortgage people and would be happy to give you names.  It is always good to shop rates, but don't be fooled.  Often the lowest rate does not have the lowest costs and the difference in costs can make the lowest interest rate, the most expensive program for you. Get and compare all the costs, not just the interest rate.

Call me for a FREE, no obligation consultation regarding your real estate needs and dreams.

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Aluminum Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

by Leslie Edwards
 When my mother was diagnosed with Alzeheimer's years ago, I began researching the disease and have long been convinced that there is a connection between aluminum and Alzheimer's.  Here is part of an article I read on by Dr. John McDougall, MD of the McDougall Wellness Center 5-25-3.  There is a lot more information on the internet about the subject. 
I have not used aluminum pots and pans for over 25 years substituting stainless steel and glass.  I don't use plastic containers either, but that is a whole different issue.  I use a hard to find deodorant that does not contain aluminum and avoid anything with aluminum as an ingredient.  You will probably be surprised to learn all of the ways we are subjected to aluminum.  While it is impossible for any of us to do everything to avoid exposure to aluminum, by understandings the hazards, we can make better choices. 
This is one of things I have been thinking about...
Alzheimer's Again
Linked To Aluminum

In patients having Alzheimer's disease the brain is somewhat shrunken and, on postmortum examination, a definite loss of nervous tissue is noted. Examination of the brain tissues under a microscope reveals small bundles of material called senile plaques, scattered throughout the tissues. The more plaques that are present, the worse is the mental condition of the patient. Chemical analysis reveals the presence of the metal aluminum at the core of each plaque and within many of the cells found in the plaques. Evidence is accumulating to indicate that aluminum may be involved in the formation of the plaques, and it is therefore a prime suspect as the initial cause of the disease.
Five population studies now link Alzheimer's disease to aluminum in drinking water. As early as 1885, aluminum was shown to be toxic to the nervous tissues of animals. Aluminum can also produce a degeneration of the nervous tissues in cats and rabbits that resembles in some ways that seen in the brains of human patients with Alzheimer's disease. Patients with diseased kidneys accumulate large amounts of aluminum in their bodies from medications and from kidney-machine solutions that have been used until recently. This accumulation results in a severe mental deterioration.
Aluminum is the third most common element in the earth's crust. "Normal" dietary intake of aluminum is about 3 to 5 mg per day, of which only a very small amount is absorbed by the body's tissues. The aluminum to which we are exposed comes from many sources, and most of these are under our control. Dust, water, and even unprocessed foods contain aluminum that may be difficult to avoid. But aluminum in cosmetics, many medicines, food additives (for example, some brands of baking powders, and highly absorbable aluminum maltol used in instant chocolate mixes), cans, kitchenware, and utensils can be easily avoided. A very popular antacid, Amphojel, consists of aluminum hydroxide.
Most of this daily intake is eliminated by healthy kidneys. However, some individuals seem to absorb aluminum more readily, or are less able to eliminate it; these people, who cannot be identified before symptoms begin, are most likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Certainly not every one of the multitudes of us who have been fed for a lifetime on foods cooked in aluminum pots and pans will end our days in this world as severely mentally deficient patients. Aluminum is only one strongly suspected culprit. Scientists believe that other factors, yet to be identified, are involved in the interactions that allow the body to suffer this form of degeneration.
Some scientists are particularily worried about inhaled aluminum because autopsy studies have shown a high proportion of senile plaques in the olfactory (smelling) lobes of the brain. Spray antiperspirants would be a likely product for this concern.
Your choice of cookware is important. Glass and porcelain are relatively nonreactive with foods. Metal cookware does react with the acids in foods and the metal ions thereby released gain access to your body. In the case of copper, iron, and stainless steel cookware the metals are actually essential trace elements, and therefore make a valuable nutritional contribution if they are not absorbed in excess. Aluminum, on the other hand, not only has no recognized function in the body, but is toxic.
My Recommendations: Based on present information prudent action would be to avoid all sources of ingestable and inhaled aluminum. Those who fail to heed this advice will serve as "guinea pigs" for the human experiments that may eventually prove the presence or absence of serious health effects of aluminum.
Two years of investigation were reported in the Lancet in 1991 using an aluminum chelating agent, desferrioxamine, to slow the progress of Alzheimer's disease. Between 1979 and 1987 there has been a thirteen-fold increase in the number of deaths from Alzheimer's disease in the United States. To me this represents the increase in exposure to aluminum that has happened to people in our society.
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What Makes Up Your Credit Score

by Leslie Edwards

Credit scores are used by most lenders for mortgages, car loans, credit  cards, furniture financing and more, to determine the level of risk they are taking when they loan you money.  Credit scores can affect how much and what loan terms a lender will offer. Often the higher the risk, based on a low credit score, can mean a higher interest rate to the borrower while the higher scores are offered the lowest rates.

Credit Scores are calculated based on the following percentages

30% on the amounts you owe

35%  is based on payment history

15%  on the length of credit history

10%   on the types of credit

10%   on the amount of new credit

Unless you are paying cash, you should get preapproved prior to looking at properties.  Sellers might be more likely to negotiate and accept offers accompanied by a PreApproval Letter.

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I Have An Opinion About Everything

by Leslie Edwards

The blog is a perfect forum for me to say what ever is on my mind, since I do have an opinion about almost everything.  After 30+ years as a REALTOR, I think about real estate a lot.  But real estate is not all I think about.  Stay Tuned.   

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