The South Metro Atlanta real estate market update for Fayette, Coweta, Henry and Clayton Counties:

In Fayette County, there are currently  1476 single family homes for sale with an average list price of $410,559 and an average of 134 days on the market.

Since January 1, 2008, 722 homes sold, average sale price of $305,053 and 104 days on the market.

During the same period, 715 homes expired unsold, averaging $378,358 and 202 days on the market. 

What this means:  About 50% of the homes on the market since Jan 1, sold and 50% did not sell.  Both the average list price of homes for sale now and homes that expired unsold are substantially higher than the average sale price of the homes that actually sold.

In Coweta County, there are 1812 homes for sale, 1075 sold with an average sale price of $205,260, since January 1 and 1040 expired unsold.  51% sold and 49% did not. The average number of days on the market for the homes that sold is 120.

In Henry County, there are 3723 homes for sale, 150 days on the  market and an average list price of $243,441.  Only 38% of homes sold while 62% expired unsold.

In Clayton County, there are 3233 homes for sale with an average list price of $137,743 and 146 days on the market.  41% or 1805 homes sold with an average sale price of $93,111 and 102 days on the market.  59% or 2564 homes expired unsold with an average price of $148,279.

When the chances of selling your home are 50-50 or less, the agent you choose can make the difference between selling and expiring unsold. If you need help deciding if this is a good time for you to sell, call me.  Take advantage of my FREE consultation with no obligation to buy or sell.

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