Besides my father, no one has ever supported me.  I have worked very hard to take care of myself and my family and I am proud of my success.                                                                               Politicians keep talking about taking more and more money from the fortunate to give to programs for the less fortunate, which feels a lot like hard work and success being punished.


My plan is better, more efficient, less expensive and has a feel good component. 

 Assign fortunate people less fortunate people to support and sponsor.

  For years, "Save the Children" has solicited donations by offering a picture, a bio and an ongoing relationship with the child the donar is supporting.

                                                                                                                                               I believe if fortunates were assigned their own less fortunate person, they could provide much better than the government is doing now. 

A group of fortunates could be responsibility for a family and the really fortunate might could support more people. 

Years ago people helped each other. They knew each other and saw the needs first hand.  If the barn burned all the neighbors rallied for a barn raising. 

The more government takes responsibiity for helping the less fortunate, the less obligated the fortunate feel.  The farther removed from the people, the easier it is to ignore their problems.

So, assign me my own person and let me perform a more direct form of charity.  Just a thought.