It was a surprise to most of us that John McCain named the Governor of Alaska, former Mayor of Wassila and former beauty queen, Sarah Palin, as his running mate.  I wanted to know more about her so I read some blogs and found that there has been a Sarah Palin for Vice President movement for months.  I emailed my real estate agent friend, Kristan Cole, who happens to live in Wassila and is also a former Alaska beauty queen, to ask her about Governor Palin.  Kristan responded that Palin was "the real deal".  This morning Kristan was interviewed on CBS and is being interviewed by NBC, the New York Times and others.  I was not aware that Kristan and Sarah Palin have known eachother since the 4th grade and were in fact, good friends.  I hope everyone spends the time to get to know who this person is and will see that this is a totally new type of person for this job.  My enthusiam for the political process is renewed with this bold selection.  We need a different kind of politician in Washington.

Whoever you are for, be sure to vote in November.

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