For years I have driven large cars with great ooh aah value but not so great miles per gallon ratings.  I also had an older BMW convertible for sport.  Recently I gave the convertible to my grandson who will be driving this month and I was looking at several brands of convertibles to replace it.  There is nothing like Spring and Fall in a convertible. 

A few years ago in Italy, I saw hundreds of SMART cars everywhere and learned they were popular all over Europe but were not available in the U.S.

Early this year, I saw that SMART was coming to America and I got one as soon as they arrived.  Most are sold by preorder which can take 6 months to 18 months to deliver.  Luck was on my side when I found that the only dealer, Mercedes of Buckhead, had a few that the buyers were unable to take delivery on that were being sold to teh first person who came ready to buy.  By the time I drove to Buckhead from Fayetteville, only one of the two convertibles remained unsold.  There were people sitting in it exhibiting buying signals.  I really wanted that car, so I went inside and found a young sales woman and asked her to write it up, without a test drive, sitting in it or seeing it upclose. 

The car is a SMART fortwo Passion Cabriolet convertible and is rated at 33-46 mpg.  I am getting in the high 30's mpg, which, I suspect, is due to my well known propensity for driving fast.  Since I got the car, I rarely drive the 740IL BMW because when I do, I am very conscious of dragging around a huge machine with only one person riding, at 17.5 average miles per gallon. 

All my groceries fit in the SMART and large men tell me that when they are in the car it does not feel small. The SMART has a good safelty rating because it is built around a steel cage and includes a roll bar and multiple air bags.  It does not sway when it is passed on the expressway by big trucks. 

The exterior is installed as panels that are interchangeable so if I get bumped, I can have the damaged panel replaced.  If I want to change the color of the car or make it two toned, a whole new set of panels is $1,200.

The one great feature that is so superior to my BMW's and so many other cars, is that the SMART has got great CUP HOLDERS. 

The day after I bought the car, I had it lettered with my name, phone number, company, website address and the Slogo "Smart Realtor, SMART Car".  The car is on the road everyday so as a promotion, it is like a moving billboard.  I have met lots of people who stop me everywhere I go to ask about the car.  I finally had cards printed with all of the details about the car to give out because everyone asked the same questions.

It is my plan to always be moving in a greener, all natural direction by purchasing cars with better mileage, recycling, reusing, conserving and choosing products and food that are all natural instead of all chemical. 

To those people who say there is so much that one person's efforts make no difference, I say, if we each do a little it adds up to alot. 

Leave your comments here and let me know what are your best Green/All Natural products and ideas?  If you do not want to give personal info, make something up.  I would love to hear from you.

If you want to talk about my green/all natural initiative or if you have real estate questions or need a hardworking straightforward Real Estate Agent, Call or Email. 

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