The news about lead in toys made in China has me thinking about everything that is made in China.  I have everyday dishes that say Made In China on the back so I began searching the internet for information.  What I read is that yes, there is lead in plates from China and that cracks or chips can be dangerous as there is a release of  lead dust.  These dishes, according to the article, can also be dangerous when used in a microwave or with highly acidic foods like spagetti sauce.  Even if I don't use the Made In China plates when chipped, cracked, in a microwave or with spagetti sauce, I still don't feel comfortable eating off of them. 

Yesterday it was announced that someone is suing Martha Stewart because of lead in the dishes sold under her name claiming a variety of afflictions related to lead poisoning

Are people in China ingesting lead from dishes, toys and any number of other commonly used products?  Is there a widespread epidemic of lead poisoning in China?  Or, if you believe in conspiracy theories, could be a plot to poison Amerca? 

Another good reason to choose products that are Made in America.

There are tests for lead in products and simple blood tests to determine if the body has a dangerous level of lead.  Next time my Doctor's office does bloodwork, I am going to ask them to test for lead.  If I had children, I would have them tested immediately.