According to reports, the National Association of Realtors has lost 30% of their membership.  Real estate agents are dropping out of the business in droves which can actually be good for real estate.  Some of them with working spouses have gone home to wait out the recession and jump back in when it gets good again.  Many others have gotten "real jobs" with a plan to quit when the market picks up.

I say, don't come back.  A true professional Realtor helps people buy and sell real estate regardless of market conditions, even though prices and commission rates are down.  We make less money while doing more work because challenging markets create challenging situations which require more time and more paper.

Since 1978 I have been a fulltime real estate agent and the sole support of me.   I never considered getting a real job because real estate is my real job.  Alot of my success is the result of expectations.  I expected to do well and I did. In 2009 I closed 66 transactions while the "average agent" closed 2.  In 2010 I will close over 100 transactions and I need your help to do it.

When marginal agents leave the business, the public gets better service.  It takes years of experience to properly represent a client.  Doctors practice on dead people for years before they work on a live person.  Real estate agents represent the largest single investment most people make in their lifetimes after a just a few months of training.

It is the new and marginal agents that give real estate agents a bad name mostly due to a lack of experience. Sometimes when I am working with another agent, I  wonder how they ever passed the real estate exam.  It is frightening to think that people put their faith in and depend on, new or weak agents, which can be very costly for the client.

So, let the quitters stay home and leave the important real estate work to the professionals.  Don't come back.  

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leslie edwards